AtrigoSoft    is a Swiss software forge with  the set goal to develop professional  however  affordable software.   
You too would like to have permanent control over your expenses? Keeping an  overview of your income and expenses is  definately not an easy task!  E-Cashbook, developed by AtrigoSoft, is an easy to use software which assists  you in keeping the overview in your daily transactions.  Our App contains several filter options, enabling you to maintain an overview of  each of the individual items of you financial transactions. 
Multilingual Intuitive Manage several cashbooks Comprehensive filter function Password protection Export to Excel Export into a text file and so much more...
Pro with all  functions.  Download for  only 10,00 US $ 
AtrigoSoft provides you with a Freeware.  In the free basic version of AtrigoSoft’s  E-Cashbook you will have access to the  most important functions of the program.  You may copy and distribute this  Freeware.  Compare between the Free- and Pro-  Version <here> 
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Budget survey in reference to your income and expenses. New bookings are  established with a few clicks. Overviews are available with comprehensive filter  and printing options. Whoever is  not in need of a complicated and expensive  bookkeeping software makes the right choice with E-Cashbook from AtrigoSoft.  Easy to use also for  non computer experts, with  a well arranged layout of the   easy operable user interface.  
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